MGI H601-C


It is so easy to grow medical cannabis using MGI H601-C. Set up is extremely easy and simple. You will be surprised by the result of yield and convenience of cultivating your own pure organic medical cannabis. It is worry free solution for your cultivation needs.

  • Grow up to 3-4 ounce per each growing session. Suitable for personal growing needs where allowed in different states.
  • Fully equipped hydroponic system with full spectrum LED, yo-yo system, timers and 1.6 gallon water base.
  • 55W LED mixed light, external air pump, designed for planting medical cannabis and other plants.
  • The finish is ABS plastic; the height of the aluminum made lamp is adjustable.
  • No more pests and no more human care, 2 times faster than soil culture.
  • Automatic control panel; choose the species and growth stage by one-touch.
  • Six planting trays, 1.6 gallons of water, the maximum planting height is 19 inches.
  • The planting kit includes clay ball, germination sponge, seedling domes.



Product ID: H601C

Product Net Weight: 8 lbs

Gross Weight (including package): 12 lbs

Measurement: 1 unit in white/logo box 14.2″ x 15.2″ x 12.6″

Outer Box Package: 4 boxes in a carton

Carton Measurement: 31.2″ x 15″ x 26.8″

Items Included: Seeding cover, 6 – 3″ plant pots, clay pellets and germination sponge to start seedling

Material: ABS, Aluminum

Pod Capacity to Hold Water & Nutrients: 1.6 Gallons

LED Lights Specification:

  • Total: 336
    • Red:192 – wavelength:650~660nm
    • Blue:96/wavelength:450nm
    • White:48/color

Noise Decibel of Water Pump: 40db (Library, bird calls (44 dB); lowest limit of urban ambient sound)

Warranty: 1 year

Other Key Function: The length of lighting wire and lamp post are adjustable – Very important lighting key factor, especially starting from germination.

Good tiny marijuana varieties for H601-C  – Click her for details

1. Night Shade “Smell of forest”
50-60cm from Himalaya

2. Lowryder #2, “super resin”
30-60cm- hybrid indica / sativa from Brazil

3. Betty Boo “nice bonsai”
Indica / sativa mixture

4. White Dwarf , “the discretion”
Mixture of two powerful indica varieties

5. G14, “powerful sedative”
40-80cm- plants with indica genetics

6. Super Bud “Mass production”
Indica variety

7. Mazar, “Pure energy”
Mixture of the Afganas with Skunk genetics

8. Mohan Ram, “Tinny exotic”
Mixture between white widow’s and SAD S1 seeds

9. Northern Light, “good harvest”
Hybrid indica / sativa

10. Bubble Gummer, “The good chewing gum”
Origin is in the Indiana EE.UU.

Water and lighting function



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