Custom Solutions

We are proudly present our partner Daesan Precision Co., Ltd (“Daesan Precision”).  Daesan Precision is a company located in Korea who has been focused on making injection mold, hydroponic plant systems as well as consult and construct indoor green farm.

These are some of the highlights Daesan Precision has accomplished.

  • Joint hydroponic cultivation system for household and commercial use R&D agreement with Gyeonggi Province Agricultural Research Institute, Korea
  • Completed the development of LED for plant cultivation, development of parts and material mold for hydroponic cultivation – Holds patent and patent pending on product, applications and design
  • Distributes the product and its application to various industry in Korea and Japan including, but not limited to government facilities, hospitals, R&D labs in different universities and more.
  • Consult and constructed plant manufacturing system in various locations including universities and private companies

While many companies may offer custom solutions, their cost and efficiency may not be the right solution. This is due to lack of consulting, which leads to miscalculation in efficiency that includes price, space, number of plants to grow, number of hours in labor, total volume of the product and so on. All these elements matters and they are directly related to ROI. That’s where combined work of Medigrow Innovation and Daesan Precision differs.  As a team, we will provide utmost efficient hydroponic solutions to clients which leads to clients satisfaction on their ROI.

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